Receive lifeboat service from a specialist with decades of experience

Safe boats, made in a high quality. Sounds interesting, right? Whether your fleet needs lifeboat service, or if you are interested in custom RIB boats, the partner you choose should maintain the same high standards as you do. In the Netherlands you will find Euro Offshore BV, a specialist with decades of experience in designing, building and maintaining seaworthy support vessels. These experts understand the vital importance of a well-built vessel, because lives may very well depend on it someday. It is because of this high regard for safety and quality that RIB- and lifeboats by Euro Offshore BV are considered to be among the safest boats in their class.

Proper lifeboat service helps to save lives

The offshore lifesaving equipment at Euro Offshore BV is known for its amazing quality. Safe, sustainable and for an interesting price. You never know when you will need to use a lifeboat. As a matter of fact, you pray that you will never need it! Since thoughts and prayers only take you so far, proper lifeboat service by Euro Offshore BV is vital for keeping your vessels in top shape, and ready to be called into action. Small repairs are carried out immediately and maintenance is done without disrupting the working process on board. Why choose Euro Offshore BV to carry out the required maintenance? Because this specialist has over 20 years of experience in developing, building, and maintaining custom RIB boats, lifeboats, and workboats!

Custom RIB boats; a unique composition that delivers results!

Developing and testing of lifeboats and new materials is necessary to maintain a safe environment on the water. Do you need a new lifeboat? Custom RIB boats by Euro Offshore BV are known for their high performance and light weight, compared to other fast response vessels. Due to the unique composition of a rigid hull and inflatable collar, these boats are very sturdy, making them seaworthy vessels, and are still light enough to be deployed quickly. Because the boats are inflatable, buoyancy is guaranteed even under the toughest of conditions. No wonder that these boats are in active duty in nearly all international waters around the world. Besides custom RIB boats, Euro Offshore BV offers lifeboat service, thus helping you to properly maintain your fleet.